A Note From Our Founder

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A note from our founder, Sueanne Lee-Park:

I started baker miller for a personal reason.

As a curvy and tall woman who loves fashion, finding beautiful clothes that fit, flatter, and work for my busy life can be challenging. Being broad, I often don't like how clothing looks and fits on the top half of my body — furthermore, being tall meant that many dresses and skirts are too short for me. My career in fashion requires me to look stylish and comfortable as I move between meetings, appointments, and after-work activities.

There aren't enough clothing options in the marketplace.

I realized that I was not alone in my frustration. In my professional life, I spoke with plus-size customers who expressed similar needs and wants for fashionable, high-quality clothing that would work for their hectic lives.

Currently, the women's plus-size market is filled with either disposable fast-fashion clothes that chase the latest trend (i.e., cold shoulder tops with obnoxiously loud prints ) or frumpy designs that hide the body. The fabrics used to make these clothes are cheap, itchy, and substandard.

As a result, curvy women are settling when it comes to fashion.

We shouldn't have to settle! Clothes and style are important. People may think clothing is trivial, but there is so much psychology behind fashion. Your clothing impacts how you feel and think about yourself. Clothes that fit and look great empower you and give you confidence. Think about the last time you wore something you loved and how happy, powerful, relaxed, or [insert other positive emotion] you felt.

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and communicating our identity to others—the lack of plus-size clothing options limits how we represent ourselves as we'd like.

While in the corporate sector, I dreamed of making beautiful clothing for curvy women with a strong sense of style and self. My pieces would take her confidently and comfortably through her day.

I gathered all my courage and left my job to start baker miller. While it was terrifying to leave a career I had worked so hard to build, I felt strongly about my vision.

I look forward to sharing the "behind the scenes" of creating this clothing line in future blog posts. Thank you for following along on this exciting journey!

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