Our Fabrics

We take fabrics seriously. Our textiles are carefully sourced from responsible suppliers. The materials we use have a bit of stretch for comfort and are soft, breathable, and move with you, making you look and feel beautiful.

Our clothes are made to last. Poorly made clothes are abundant, especially in the plus-size market. Clothes fall apart after a few washes and wears and pill, rip at the seams or lose their shape. Our fabrics are strong, with good weight, so you can wear our dresses across seasons, season after season.

We source as many eco-friendly fabrics as possible. We balance our commitment to quality, softness, and comfort while using sustainable textiles. Because of all these requirements, we are very picky about our fabrics. We use low-impact fabrics like viscose and modal, both known as an alternative to silk because like silk, they look and feel luxurious and have a superb drape.

Most of our garments are made from LENZING™ Viscose and Modal blend fabric. All Lenzing fibers are made of cellulose, a natural component of their renewable source material wood. A characteristic of cellulose is its biodegradability. At the end of their life cycle, these fibers can re-enter the ecosystem, preparing the ground on which new plants grow.

We also use deadstock fabrics, which are leftover and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. We reuse this fabric, divert them from landfills, and turn them into beautiful dresses.