Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Photoshoot

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baker miller pink plus-size wrap dress

Our previous blog post discussed the steps required to execute baker miller’s very first photoshoot. A lot went into it: creating mood boards, finding a great photographer, and scouting the right location to shoot.

The days leading up to the shoot were full of anticipation. The samples were pressed/steamed and ready to go the night before. Everything needed for the shoot, from shoes and accessories for styling to tape, safety pins, and clamps in case of fit issues, were all prepared.

After months of planning, our photoshoot day was finally here! It was a long day (10 hours from start to finish), but it went smoothly. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment – and relief - to see it all come together as we envisioned it.

Before the photoshoot, we set a rigid schedule for the day, from arrival time to hair & makeup to the time it would take to shoot each outfit. We had to plan for the day to have enough time to take everything we needed. We were able to shoot all the photos (and videos) we needed, plus more.

Excellent talent and thorough planning were the reasons the shoot was successful. Putting a shot list together was also crucial. The list included all the shots, poses, and backgrounds we wanted to capture. It kept everyone organized and ensured that we took every photo needed. We avoided unexpected surprises by putting in the work ahead of time.

Below is a video from our Southern California-inspired photoshoot. Notice the pretty prints, bright colors, and easy silhouettes of our dresses looking great against the cool vibes and sunshine of the Venice location.

Special thanks to:
Jean Marie B. / Photographer
Hannah C. / Photographer
Sooyon K. / Makeup
Crys B. / Hair
Kelsey K. / Model
Cné R. / Model

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