Style Tips: What To Wear With Green Shoes

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how to match green shoes

What colors match best with green shoes?

We recently received an email from a follower asking how to match a pair of forest green shoes she purchased. She was looking for an alternative to black shoes and thought the forest green color would be a classic yet stylish addition to her outfits. She knows that forest green goes well with neutrals such as black and darker browns, but what other colors would work?

Below are ideas for matching your outfit with green shoes, whether neon, olive, or forest green.

You can use this style guide for green shoes or anything else green in your wardrobe.

Green is versatile, and matching green shoes with an outfit is very easy.
We know that some colors go well together, but for most of us, we're not sure why. There is an art and science behind it based on the color wheel.

While we won't go on a deep dive into color theory, the color wheel is the basis of color theory as it shows the relationship between different colors.

Colors that look good together are called color harmony. The color wheel describes color combinations that are harmonious and visually pleasing.

Fashion designers use the color wheel when deciding the color schemes for their designs.

You can use the color wheel as a guide to mix and match colors in your wardrobe that you didn't even think were possible.


color wheel


With that said, here are some key color combinations for green based on the color wheel:



green pink complementary colors color wheel


The complementary color is the exact opposite color on the color wheel. Find green, blue-green, and yellow-green on the color wheel and look at the color that sits opposite. The complementary color of green is red.

While both colors are in high contrast, together, they are balanced and harmonious.

If red and green feel too Christmas-like, play around with different shades. For example, pink and green look lovely together – read here for ideas on matching this color pairing.


green pink complementary colors



green yellow blue analogous colors color wheel


Analogous colors are three colors that sit side by side on the color wheel. For greens, that would be yellow and blue color schemes. These colors work together because they are from the same section of the color wheel and naturally blend into one another.

You can wear all three colors in an outfit, but that can be overwhelming. Keep it simple and style your green shoes with one other analogous color.


green analogous colors




green purple orange triadic colors color wheel


Triad colors are three colors equally spread out on the color wheel. A triadic green color scheme includes purples and oranges. This combination is quite colorful, but because the colors are equidistant on the color wheel, they balance each other and create harmony.

You can, but you don't have to use all three colors in an outfit. 

 green triadic colors



Neutrals are not found on the color wheel as they lack color - brown, white, grey, and black fall into this category. Neutrals pair well with almost any color.

While colors such as light blue, navy blue, and olive green are not technically neutrals, they are considered so because they match almost everything.

Note that blue denim often is treated as neutral. You can wear it with any shade of green, and it looks great.

neutral colors

Here are a few more style tips for green shoes:

  • If the color combinations above, like green and orange, feel too loud, break it up with neutrals – for example, wear an orange top with brown pants and forest green shoes.

  • Go monochrome and wear different shades of the same color - for example, matching forest green shoes with a lighter green outfit. The look is very modern and easy to pull off.

  • If a print or pattern you wear has green, your shoes can be any shade of green.

Keep in mind that the above is just a guideline. They are suggestions if you want to try something new or break out of a style rut. The best colors to wear are more a personal choice than absolute rules. Wear colors that make you feel confident because feeling great should be the highest priority. 

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