7 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Fashionista

Posted by baker miller

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Have you ever noticed how some women always look effortlessly stylish and put together? Then you wonder how they look chic every day with all the demands from their hectic personal and professional lives.

Looking stylish every day is much easier than you think. Making small tweaks to your wardrobe will take the confusion about what to wear and make getting dressed a breeze.

Here are tips to help you look fashionable all the time.

1. Fit is everything.

Proper fit is the most important aspect of great style. Clothing that fits well looks polished, and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Clothes that are too big will make you look sloppy and out-of-proportion; too tight and visible lines and bumpy seams will appear in all the wrong places.

Get your garments tailored to ensure a perfect fit. Whether it's hemming a pair of pants or taking in a blazer, making minor alterations can dramatically impact your look.

2. Dress for your body shape.

Knowing the clothes that will flatter your body is the key to achieving a great fit. You can accomplish this by dressing for your body type, a topic that we have discussed in detail.

When dressing your body shape, you want to create a silhouette of balance and equal proportions. Balancing proportions is about styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony.

Understanding your body type can help you dress your beautiful shape and accentuate your assets. Finding the right clothes for you will be much easier with this knowledge.

3. Play with color.

Colors are an excellent way to add some style to your wardrobe.

Look at complementary colors on the color wheel if you don't know how to mix and match colors. The complementary color is the exact opposite color on the color wheel. Try pinks with greens or yellows with purple. While both colors are in high contrast, they are balanced and harmonious.
If these combinations are too intimidating, start with just one colorful piece, and keep the rest of your look neutral. Add an eye-catching accessory to your wardrobe, like bright shoes or a scarf.

As you get more comfortable with colors, you'll learn which color pairings work best for you.

4. Mix patterns.

Add some fun to your wardrobe with florals, dots, geometric shapes, and more.
You can start small and use stripes and leopard prints as neutral patterns. These prints will match almost any color. Or add a small amount of print to your wardrobe – with a scarf or shoes – until you learn what works for you.
If you want to step it up and mix patterns, style two designs using complementary color palettes (mentioned above), such as pink and green, black and white, or blue and orange.

Or play with scale, mixing large and small patterns, creating a high-contrast look.

5. Don't forget accessories.

Adding accessories can instantly change your look from good to great.
Stylish shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry are essential aspects of your wardrobe. Try to wear at least one accessory with your outfit.
Even a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit can look infinitely more stylish when wearing a statement necklace, patterned silk scarf, or pop-of-color bag.

6. Keep your closet organized.

When it comes to dressing stylishly, organizing your closet is key. To create great outfits, you must quickly find the necessary clothes and accessories.
Take some time to declutter your wardrobe and donate or sell items you no longer wear or love. Organize remaining clothes into categories such as skirts, shirts, dresses, etc., or office, weekends, evenings, etc. Store shoes on a rack to visualize the perfect shoes to complete your outfit.
While this might be difficult and time-consuming at first, it will help you get dressed easier in the long run. 

7. Be authentic.

Clothes and style are important. Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and communicating our identity to others. It's an extension of who you are. Don't force fashion trends and looks that are not you. Don't squeeze your feet into uncomfortable 5-inch heels because your friends are, or wear high-waisted jeans because you saw them on celebrities. Wear what makes YOU feel good.
With that said, not all trends are bad. They can help keep your look modern and fresh. Choose the ones that complement your body, personality, your lifestyle. Mix them into your wardrobe and style them according to your tastes.
You'll never feel comfortable, confident, or stylish following a fashion that doesn't suit you. 

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