How We Make Great-Fitting Dresses

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baker miller designer plus-size dresses

baker miller dresses are made with YOU in mind. We know how difficult it is to find stylish, high-quality plus-size clothes that fit great. 

We're obsessed with fit. Meticulous attention is paid to every design and construction detail in our collection, from the seams, waistbands, pockets, and lengths. We do several rounds of fit testing for each garment to ensure they meet our high expectations.

Have you ever wondered why most clothes don't fit you in the first place? The issue is how many clothing brands create their range of sizes. Most brands fit on a size 6 model and size up to make clothes for women sizes 16+. 

Most brands use a single fit model and create their size 6 based on her measurements. Then in a process called grading, they will use software to mathematically scale the dimensions up or down for the other sizes. For each increase in size, they might add 1 or 2 inches around certain areas to make bigger sizes.

This method can work well for sizes close to the fit model but less so as the sizes move away. While there certainly is some variance between a size 2 and size 6, those two sizes are relatively close. There are more significant differences between a size 6 and 16 as the curves of the body change. The grading rules used for straight sizes don't apply. 

The result? Ill-fitting clothes. This kind of grading at larger sizes, in particular, could result in tops that are too small in the bust or certain details like lengths, pockets, and seams that are not in proportion.

Brands focused on plus-size clothes will typically hire a size 18 professional fit model for fittings and grade their other sizes based on her measurements. We at baker miller exclusively focus on plus sizes and hire a size 18-20/2X fit model to fit test all of our dresses. 

Our fit model has an integral role in our fit process. When fit testing, our model tries on our samples and provides comments about fit, comfort, and movement. Many corrections are small - ½ inch here or ¼ inch there – but they significantly impact the fit and look of our garment. 

We do several rounds of sampling, with our model trying our garments on each time and giving us detailed feedback until we feel they're perfect and ready for production. Here are some photos from different fit sessions with our model:

baker miller fit sessions fit model

We also have non-models, women of different sizes and shapes, who wear our dresses and give us more general fit comments. Women with real waists, hips, bellies, and thighs. This information gives us additional perspective on fit and the changes we need to make.  

We pay impeccable attention to design and construction, so you will love wearing our dresses season after season. We want our dresses to fit your perfectly. If you have any questions about the size or fit of our garments, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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