The Wrap Dress: A Timeless Style

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While fashion trends have come and gone, the wrap dress has stood the test of time and continues to be popular today. How did this dress come about, and how did it transcend time?

While the wrap dress is synonymous with Diane von Furstenberg today, she was not the one that invented the silhouette. It had been around for several decades prior.

The wrap dress first emerged in the 1930s when Charles James created a dress that wrapped around the body and fastened with clasps. James called this design the "Taxi Dress" because he wished to design a dress that "a woman could slip into-or out of- in the back of a cab." Elsa Schiaparelli, inspired by an apron, also designed several wrap dresses during this time.

In the 1940s, Clare McCardell designed a version of the wrap dress called the "popover" due to its ease of wear and functionality. This dress wraps across the front and buttons down the left side. McCardell created this piece in response to women's busy lifestyles during World War II.

But the wrap dress became popular in the 1970s when Diane von Furstenberg made the version we know today. Furstenberg initially designed a wrap top like the ones ballerinas wear over their tutu, with a matching skirt. Soon after, the wrap top became a wrap dress.

She reinvented the silhouette with a collar v-neck, long sleeves, knee-length, and figure-hugging jersey fabric. The wrap-around bodice was secured by a tie that cinched at the waist, accentuating the body's curves. The dress was stylish yet professional for the office. It met the growing need for comfortable, powerful, and feminine clothing for modern working women in the 1970s.

Says Furstenberg about her creation: "The silhouette instantly resonated with the women of the time. The printed jersey wrap dress was stylish, feminine, and, most importantly, it gave women the freedom to dress (and undress) with ease while looking sophisticated and put-together. Through its soft and body-molding fit, it provided professional empowerment and personal freedom…as I like to say, "It's more than just a dress, it's a spirit."

Today wrap dresses are a fashion staple, with clothing brands creating versions of this silhouette. This dress is timeless because it's flattering across all body types, versatile, and easy to wear and style.

Have you never worn a wrap dress before? Or are you looking for a new one for your wardrobe (you can never have enough wrap dresses!)? It's hard to go wrong with the baker miller wrap dress. We thought of all the details for this garment. Chic and comfortable, you can wear it across every occasion – for work, weekends, and travel.

baker miller plus-size wrap dresses

We thought of all the details for this dress. The side-tie closure pulls you in at the waist, creating a figure-flattering definition. Adjust the v-neck to reveal as little or as much as you want. Hate when your wrap dress flies open when you sit or with a gust of wind? The inside wrap is generous enough to keep your thighs covered.

You'll enjoy wearing this dress year-round. Wear with tights and boots in winter, sandals, and bare legs in the summer. Dress it up with a princess-length necklace, lots of bangles, and a designer bag, or keep it simple and let its sophistication do all the talking.

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