Best Dresses for Apple-Shaped Bodies

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Discovering your body type is essential to showcase your stunning figure and highlight your best features. You can feel confident, comfortable, and stylish by finding clothing that fits well and flatters your unique frame.

Let's dive into how you can determine if you have an Apple-shaped body and the dresses that will make you look and feel amazing.

To identify your body type, you need to take four measurements: shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. These measurements will help you determine the shape of your frame. 

Here are some helpful tips on taking body measurements:

body measurements
  • Keep a relaxed posture with your feet together. Stand up straight but not rigid, and don't suck your stomach. Breathe normally.
  • The measuring tape should comfortably fit the body. Be careful not to make it too tight.
  • Make sure the measuring tape is level when taking measurements (sometimes the tape slips off at certain spots). Try to measure yourself in front of a mirror.
  • Because measuring some parts of yourself is difficult, have a friend help you.

1. Shoulders

Wrap the tape around the tip of one shoulder and then take it to the other side until the end meets the tip of the same shoulder.

2. Bust

Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust. Measure over a bra, as this will give an accurate measurement.

3. Waist

Measure around the narrowest part of your torso, above the belly button, and below the rib cage.

4. Hips

Stand with your feet together and wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips and butt. Measure over underwear for a more accurate measurement.

You are an Apple body type if:

  • You have balanced shoulders and hips, but they may be slightly narrow compared to the middle of your body
  • The curviest and most prominent part of your body is the waist and bust area
  • Your waistline is rather undefined (if you do, you're likely an hourglass)
  • The top half of your body is larger than the bottom; you carry your weight in the midsection of your body

The Apple body means you have broad shoulders, a fuller bust, carry more in your midsection, and a less defined waist. The best dresses for this beautiful shape flaunt your assets, like your full bust and gorgeous legs.


plus-size wrap dress for apple body shape

The flattering v-neck makes your chest look longer rather than wider.


plus-size fit & flare dress for apple body shape

Cinching at the waist defines your waistline, creating an hourglass effect.


plus-size shift dress for apple body shape

It glides over your midsection and draws attention to your legs.

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