An Insider's Guide to Making Plus-Size Clothing

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At baker miller, we're dedicated to providing you with chic plus-size dresses that feel incredible to wear. To accomplish this, we follow a few key design approaches:

Understand Body Proportions: curvy bodies come in various shapes, proportions, and sizes. We understand different body silhouettes, such as Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Inverted Triangle or rectangle, and design garments that flatter each shape.

Check out our blog post on how to determine YOUR body shape.

Versatility: you can style our dresses in multiple ways and create various outfits from a single piece. For example, you can wear our Shift Dress with leggings, a leather jacket in the cooler months, and a denim jacket and sandals in the warmer months.

We design transitional pieces that you can wear day to night or across different seasons.

High-quality fabrics: we use materials that feel soft against the skin, offer breathability, and have a bit of stretch to provide ease of movement and accommodate different body types.

Our fabrics are also durable – strong, with good weight so that they won't pill after a few wears and washes, and you can enjoy wearing our dresses season after season.

Comfort-first approach: our dresses have adequate room for movement. We pay attention to everything from armholes to skirt widths to ensure they're not too tight or restrictive.

We also consider length and proportions. From the neckline to sleeve to hem, we ensure they're neither too short nor too long.

We also incorporate adjustable features like an elastic waistband on our Fit & Flare dress or tie waist on our Wrap Dress to provide flexibility and accommodate different body sizes.

Understand grading: many brands grade up from the straight size pattern, like a size 6 to a size 16. This method can work well for sizes close to size 6 but less so as the sizes move away. While there is some variance between a size 2 and size 6, those two sizes are relatively close. There are more significant differences between a size 6 and 16 as the curves of the body change. The result? Ill-fitting clothes.

At baker miller, we use a size 2X professional fit model for fittings and grade our other sizes based on her measurements.

Read our blog post to learn more about the baker miller grading process.

Fit and refit on real bodies: When fit testing, our size 2X model tries on our samples and provides comments about fit, comfort, and movement. We do several rounds of sampling, with our model trying our garments on each time and giving us detailed feedback until we feel they're perfect and ready for production.

We also have non-models, women of different sizes and shapes, who wear our dresses and give us more general fit comments. They have real waists, hips, bellies, and thighs. This information gives us additional perspective on fit and the changes we need to make.

Get the scoop on how baker miller makes great-fitting plus-size clothing.

Work with solid patternmakers, technical designers, and manufacturing partners: our factory has experience producing plus-size clothing and can maintain the quality standards set during development.

Effortless, elevated, and easy to style – shop plus-size dresses from baker miller now.

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