How to Know What Colors Look Best on You?

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Want to take your style up a notch and add more color to your wardrobe but don't know where to start?

Identifying what colors flatter you may seem difficult to figure out, but it's pretty easy.

Below is a guide to finding the colors that look best on you. But keep in mind it's just a guiding tool. There are no hard and fast rules to fashion. Wear whatever colors you like and whatever makes you feel great. But choosing the right colors is a great way to enhance your style. Just have fun and experiment with it!

The key to finding your most flattering colors starts with your undertone. Undertone is either cool, warm, or neutral and is the hue that comes through the skin from underneath its surface. It does not depend on how light or dark your skin is on the surface. Fair or dark-skinned women can have cool, warm, or neutral undertones.


Check your veins - what color are the veins in your hand and wrist? Blue or purple veins indicate cool skin, while green means you have a warm undertone.

If you can't decide between the two, you're neutral.

Look at your jewelry - silver looks best on cool undertones, while gold pops on warm undertones.

If both colors work, you have a neutral undertone. 

The white paper test - find a piece of white paper, hold it up to your face, and look in the mirror. How does your skin look next to it? If your skin appears pink or rosy, it's cool.

If you appear yellow, you have warm skin.

You have a neutral undertone if you're olive or a mix of the above.

How your skin reacts to the sun - people who tan easily instead of burning tend to have warm undertones.

People who burn easily tend to have cool undertones, although sometimes, people with dark skin that doesn't easily burn may also have cool undertones.

If you burn or tan equally often, your undertone is neutral.

Your eye/hair color - warm-toned people tend to have darker hair like black, red-brown, or dark brown, and their eyes are usually brown or brown-hazel. 

Cool-toned people often have lighter hair, such as light brown or blonde, and usually blue or grey eyes.


Warm Undertones

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Look for warm colors such as orange, yellow, red, coral, and rusty colors that will bring out your golden tones.

Cool colors such as blue and green are not off limits, but select shades with yellow undertones, such as teal or olive. 

For neutrals, opt for cream, camel, and chocolate brown. Some color inspiration is below:

colors to match warm undertones

Cool Undertones 

 baker miller pink floral plus-size fit & flare dress

Your best hues include blues, purples, and greens. Look for shades like royal blues, sky blues, emeralds, lavenders, and anything pastel.

For warmer colors, such as pink and red, select shades with blue undertones, such as icy pink or ruby.

For neutrals, try cool grey, navy, and true white. Some color inspiration is below:

colors to match cool undertones

Neutral Undertones

 baker miller plus-size blue dots fit & flare dress

You can pretty much wear any color listed above. But it's best to go with a softer or muted shade of the above colors in either category instead of their saturated or brighter versions, which can overwhelm your neutral tone. For example, instead of icy pink, try dusty pink, and instead of sapphire, wear a medium blue color.

For neutrals, turn to champagne, medium greys, and taupe. Some color inspiration is below:

colors to match neutral undertones

From red to purple to pink, baker miller has plus-size dresses in warm, cool, and neutral colors. Find your favorite:

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