How to Wear Pink and Make a Statement

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baker miller pink floral plus-size fit & flare dress

Pink has been the color in fashion for the past few seasons, and the beautiful shade shows no signs of fading away. It is easy to see why pink is popular: it can be fun, sophisticated, and the perfect way to stand out while still looking classy and stylish.

Blush, bubblegum, magenta - there are so many shades and intensities; there is a pink for everyone.

Pink can add a powerful punch or subtle hint of color to any look, from bright hot pinks for those who want an uplifting statement piece to muted hues of pink that you can wear as neutrals.

The key to wearing pink is finding the right shade for you. Generally, if your skin has warm or yellow undertones, yellow-based colors will work best for you. Opt for coral, peach, or blush shades. If you have pink or rosy undertones, your skin tone is cool; blue-based colors will flatter you. Go with shades including baby pink, rose pink, and fuchsia.

baker miller pink floral plus-size fit & flare dress

Once you've chosen the right shade of pink for your complexion, it's time to create balance with contrasting colors. Some pairing tips are below:

  • Style it with neutrals such as black, navy, white, grey, brown, and olive for a classic look that never goes out of style

  • Go monochromatic and wear with various shades of pink —for example, a pastel baby pink with a dusty mauve creates an interesting contrast. Or since pink is a pale red, match with red, a very stylish combination.

  • For the daring, try green, blue, and orange for an eye-catching look

Keep these tips in mind and start experimenting with different looks until you find a combination of colors that speaks to you. Remember: when it comes to fashion, confidence is key. Be bold and show off your unique sense of style!

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