Style Tips: How to Wear Red

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baker miller plus-size red dressDo you love red but need help with how to wear it?

Red is a color often used in fashion. It's a high-impact color that grabs attention. Red is associated with passion, energy, action, power, and boldness.

In color psychology, calming colors like green and blue are soothing and relaxing, while red reminds us of heat, sunshine, and warmth. Red can transform our mood. It is a stimulating shade, so wear when it when you need energy or a confidence boost.

While you typically think of wearing red in the fall and winter, it's a fabulous color to wear year around. It works when you want to make an impression at work, for date night, or on a beach vacation.

While it is an intense color, it can look classic, luxurious, and chic.

baker miller red plus-size dresses

You might think red isn't your color, or it's not easy to match. But it's so versatile, and the matching possibilities are endless. You are bound to find combinations you love. Some pairing tips are below:

  • Wear it with neutrals such as black, navy, white, camel, and olive for a classic look that never goes out of style

  • Go monochromatic and wear with various shades of red—for example, red and pink are a very stylish combination. Some will say this pairing shouldn't go together, but trust us, it does!

  • For the daring, try colors blue, yellow, orange, and green for an eye-catching combination.

Are you bored with wearing the same old brown, black, and grey? Do you want to try something new or break out of a style rut? Brighten your wardrobe with a vibrant red, and wear it with confidence!

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