What the Color You Wear Says About You

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baker miller plus-size red wrap dress

Though we may not always think about it before getting dressed, color can influence our mood and behavior. Colors affect your decision-making, confidence, and impressions of others. We react differently when exposed to different colors.

You can also send a specific message with the color of your clothing. The colors you wear impact how others view you, as colors are subconsciously associated with certain traits and qualities. You can be seen as more serious, confident, and approachable with the right colors.

Wonder what color will increase your productivity, help you ace that job interview, or improve your mood when feeling down? Red, orange, and yellow shades remind us of heat, sunshine, and warmth. They are thought of as stimulating colors, so they are used to energize and make us feel happier.

Green, blue, and purple are considered calming colors, so they are used to soothe and relax.

Dark colors such as navy, black and chocolate brown are good color options to command power, such as at a work meeting.

Softer, pastel colors such as peach or pink make you more approachable and engage people.

What do specific colors mean? And when should you wear those colors?


baker miller plus-size red wrap dress

Qualities: passion, urgency, action, power, boldness

When to Wear: When you wear red, you aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. It’s a high-impact color and grabs attention. Wear it when you need a confidence boost or want to make a statement.


baker miller plus-size green wrap dress
Qualities: nature, freshness, relaxation, new beginnings, balance

When to Wear: Green is a calming color, so wear it when you want to feel more relaxed after or during a stressful situation.


baker miller plus-size blue dots fit & flare dress
Qualities: knowledgeable, calm, safety, trust, reliability

When to Wear: Blue conveys confidence and trustworthiness, so it’s a great color to wear for a job interview, important meeting, or presentation.

It is also a soothing color – think of how you feel when you look at the ocean or sky. Wear this color when you want to feel relaxed.

Blue can make you feel in control, calm, and successful. No wonder why it is the most popular color for women and men.


baker miller plus-size pink fit & flare dress
Qualities: nurture, friendliness, playful, fun, feminine

When to Wear: Pink is a fun color, making you look friendly and approachable. This color is great to wear at a party, a social event, or a first date.


baker miller plus-size brown animal print fit & flare dress

Qualities: seriousness, reliability, earthiness, stability, warmth

When to Wear: Like the earth, brown is a solid and grounded color. It is effective to wear when you are collaborating with others or need to be a team player, as it’s a neutral hue that is not distracting or associated with certain emotions.


baker miller plus size black white shift dress
Qualities: sophistication, authority, power, seriousness, secrecy

When to Wear: Black is the most common color in the workplace. The original power color, black has a strong and authoritative presence. It is why you wear a black suit or dress when you have a job interview, meeting with clients, or have an important presentation.

It is also a color that exudes luxury, elegance, and exclusivity.

Sometimes all-black can be boring, so add a pop of color with a bright top or fun statement pumps.


baker miller plus-size red orange shift dress
Qualities: friendliness, invigoration, fun, energy, warmth

When to Wear: Orange has a friendly and approachable energy, so wear it at Happy Hour, a networking event, or other social gatherings.

Qualities: luxury, insightful, creativity, spirituality, mystery

When to Wear: Purple indicates creativity, imagination, and nonconformity. In the past, purple represented royalty, so it stood for sophistication, wealth, and luxury. This color works well for formal events and creative environments. 


Qualities: friendliness, happiness, optimism, warmth, creativity

When to Wear: Since yellow is uplifting, cheerful, and inspiring, wear it when you need to boost concentration, productivity, and energy. Also, wear this color when you are feeling down to lift your mood.


Qualities: modernity, simplicity, cleanliness, pureness, peace

When to Wear: It’s bold to wear something white (how do you keep it crisp and clean?), which is why this color represents cleanliness, details, and perfection. White is an excellent choice if you want to come across as detail-oriented, trustworthy, and honest.


Qualities: calm, responsibility, impartiality, compromise, composure

When to Wear: Lighter shades of gray are seen as calm, tranquil, and serene, while darker shades can have the same qualities as black.

But remember that the best color to wear is a more personal choice than a firm and fixed rule. Wear a color that makes you feel more confident. Because feeling great in your clothes is more important than color trends and expectations.

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